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Light Topless Whole Home Cleaning

Initial Cleaning

Our maids will perform light cleaning duties that focuses on these tasks:


  • Wipe & scrub counters, appliances, & cabinets

  • Polish stainless steel

  • Clean empty sinks 


  • Wipe & scrub counters, cabinets, showers, & tubs

  • Sanitize toilet

All rooms

  • Dust

  • Polish

  • Interior glass

  • Vacuum/shake out rugs

  • Vacuum & sweep

  • Mop

Recurring Topless Whole Home Cleaning

Recurring Services

Elevate your lifestyle with the convenience and luxury of recurring maid services. Our recurring services not only save you valuable time but also ensures that your space remains a haven of tranquility week after week. With a dedicated team of professionals committed to maintaining the highest standards, you can savor the joy of a perpetually spotless home. Embrace the ease of routine living, and let Bare Essentials transform your space into a sanctuary where relaxation and cleanliness seamlessly coexist.

Sign up for our recurring maid services today – because the beauty of a consistently immaculate home is an indulgence worth experiencing.

Customize Your Topless Cleaning Service

Custom Add-ons

Enhance your Bare Essentials Cleaning Service experience with our personalized customizations & enticing add-ons.

Tailor your cleaning service to perfection by selecting from our menu of options:

  • Tidying clutter & organize 

  • Dishes

  • Laundry

  • Sanitize spaces other than bathrooms

  • Remove hard buildup (hard water, mold, etc.)

For those seeking an extra touch of indulgence, explore our unique feature – the ability to request different uniforms or costumes for our maids.

Your space, your style; at Bare Essentials, we're committed to delivering a luxury cleaning experience that reflects your individual tastes & desires.


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