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Destiny's Diary: Get to Know Our OG Maid

Updated: Apr 17

Hey there, lovely folks! I'm Destiny, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the original maid at Bare Essentials Cleaning Service. I'm a Colorado native and I've been proudly serving the Springs community for the past three years. With a solid background in professional house cleaning, rest assured, your home is in capable hands when I'm on the job. Whether it's a light touch-up throughout your space or a deep dive into tackling your kitchen chaos, I've got you covered. Expect nothing less than meticulous care and attention to detail with every sweep and scrub.

One thing you'll quickly notice about me is my commitment to authenticity. Sure, I can slip into a role if needed, but being genuine is where I shine. Fair warning, though—I might get a bit chatty, so if the conversation flows, the cleaning might slow!

Let's talk about what drew me to this line of work. For me, it's all about fun and embracing body positivity. I take pride in my appearance and enjoy expressing myself through my wardrobe choices. Whether you fancy the classic maid attire or something a bit more risqué, I've got a selection to suit every preference. And hey, if you've got a particular outfit in mind, feel free to add to my collection—I'm always up for a stylish addition 😉

Now, when I'm not dazzling as a topless maid, I'm a self-proclaimed homebody. There's nothing quite like curling up in my living room with my two adorable Pomeranians for some quality snuggle time. And while my two Roborovski hamsters aren't exactly cuddle enthusiasts, they sure add some charm to the household. If you're interested, I've got plenty of adorable pictures to share upon request!

So there you have it—Destiny, your friendly neighborhood maid, ready to bring a blend of professionalism, authenticity, and a dash of fun to your cleaning experience. Can't wait to meet you and make your home shine!

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